The origin of the name Carrera


Carrera in Spanish represents passion, from the 20th century adventure and heroism.Carrera the name 1950s of a legend racing, lasted five days, travel 3300 kilometers (2100 miles) across Mexico Carrera panamericana highway (Carrera pan americana). It was at the time of the most prestigious, and most dangerous endurance race. In 1963, the son of Edward TAG Heuer, Jack – Tag Heuer began to build a designed for drivers and racing enthusiasts design chronograph. As a motor racing enthusiasts for life, he was well aware of the customer demand: to broaden our horizons, easy reading dial, and suitable for driving wearing shockproof waterproof rugged case. For second years he has launched a manual winding mechanical chronograph, and named Carrera. Carrera series is undoubtedly the jack – Tag Heuer condensed life-long efforts of the finest creations, elegant minimalistic dial design that Calera series with great success, for the tag heuer opened a golden age.


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